Blogging As A Means To Earning Extra Income

If you are experiencing a shortfall in the income and budget departments, you are part of the vast majority of people struggling with these same issues in today’s economy.  Not exactly a revelation, is it!

With all of the scams and deceptions out there (probably about 90% of the “offers”) there is one proven, real solution for earning extra income that you really should consider…blogging!

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Counting Your Blessings…A True Story

Ah, here we are again at the time of year when we gather round to reflect upon and be thankful for the blessings and abundance we have in our lives.

For some, the question of what to be thankful for has obvious answers, and for others not so obvious. This short story is intended to provide just a little “food for thought” if you are coming up short when adding up the blessings in your life. This is a true story.

Try very hard to imagine yourself as a quadriplegic…you have absolutely no control over any part of your body below your neck – none.  Your whole world consists your hospital bed in a kitchenette apartment located in a small fishing village on Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.

You are in your early twenties and there is absolutely no hope for your recovery… or that you will ever leave your bed. You must rely totally on others to feed you and provide for all of your personal needs. This is your life, your world… forever.

But wait a minute you do have some assets. You have a good mind and an exceptionally strong will to survive. A loving and supportive network of family and friends surrounds you. The home health care staff tending to you is devoted and reliable.

Enter the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. We’ll call our subject Bob. The year is 1994 and Bob has been a client of the Dept. of Voc Rehab for about two years. Because of Bob’s spunk and sheer determination to succeed and be productive, Bob has been equipped with a computer, a telephone and a TV…all operated by joysticks that Bob controls with his mouth!

My involvement with Bob came as a result of a phone call from the Dept. of Voc Rehab in the fall of 1994. Would I be willing to serve as a tutor/consultant for one of their clients who needed some work with his computer? Of course I was both flattered and humbled by this request and accepted the offer immediately. “By the way Jon, you need to know that Bob is a quadriplegic”…Wow!

Working with Bob over the next six weeks proved to be one of the most uplifting and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Bob’s primary goal was to operate a computer driven home based business for profit.

Driven by sheer grit and determination Bob quickly learned the basics of computer operation and was soon corresponding with out of town relatives. He also had a creative mind and was beginning to pursue writing short stories as an outlet for expressing himself.

Remember, Bob’s only means of operating his computer was via a joystick controlled by his mouth! Whenever I’m doing battle with my sometimes-obstinate computer, I think of Bob!

Bob quickly mastered my tax preparation software program, as well as a program designed to produce customized children’s books. Sadly, in order to actually do business in these areas, Bob would have to have an assistant standing by to manipulate paperwork and organize details for him. Bob rejected this notion, as it would have created extra dependence on others to work in his behalf.

In the approximately six weeks that I worked with Bob I never heard one complaint from him about his physical condition. His only anger seemed to be with himself when he would accidently hit a wrong key, or misplace a file. Truly remarkable.

So is there a message somewhere here? It is my sincere hope, dear friend, that along with me you are never again challenged for answers when reflecting upon the blessings you possess! Remember Bob…

All the best,


PS.  Bob’s story is all about motivation.  You can achieve anything in life that you desire…CLICK HERE  for what could prove to be  life-changing solutions for achieving the happiness you deserve! 

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Many Happy Returns!

 As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, it is no secret that people everywhere are being affected by the tanking economy. Even Warren Buffet is taking it on the financial chin.

You won’t have to look far to notice that there are many people who are worse off than you are…no matter what your current financial situation is. Have you considered that perhaps you could share just a little of your money, goods or services with someone in need?

If you haven’t already done so, choose a reputable charity or organization and make a contribution, no matter how large or small. Your personal rewards for your acts of kindness are priceless. Donating to others anonymously will make your gift giving even more gratifying!

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Information You Can Use Now!

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Are You Ready For Real Solutions To Today’s High Cost Of Living?


In our current economy, everyday presents new challenges to making ends meet. This obvious and painfully true statement reflects the reality of most of our lives today.  People everywhere are making sacrifices they never dreamed would become necessary only a few short months ago.


If you are fed up with today’s economic climate and are motivated to take steps to improve your own financial picture, PLEASE READ ON…if not, STOP, there are probably better places for you to be!


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The Science Of Giving – By Alexander Green

Note:  The following Article is reprinted with permission by Alex Williams, Publisher, Spriitual Wealth ( This is well worth reading…Discover what giving is all about!

Dear Reader,

A few months ago, I received a phone call from George Rupp.

Rupp is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Founded by Albert Einstein, the IRC serves refugees and communities victimized by oppression or violent conflict. When thousands run from natural disasters, war or repression, the IRC is there, providing food and water, shelter, healthcare and education.

Each Thanksgiving for the past few years, I’ve sent Oxford Club members a letter reminding them how incredibly rich our lives are and asking them to remember the IRC, the world’s recognized leader in humanitarian emergencies.

I had never heard of George Rupp, however. “I’m just calling to let you know how much you’ve inspired us – our whole organization – with your letter,” he said.

Embarrassed, I mumbled something in response.

“We’re planning to read it to Tom Brokaw and the other directors at the annual board meeting Wednesday. We’d also like to turn it into a national fundraising letter. Would that be alright with you?”

Alright? I felt like I’d just been injected with 100 mL of pure dopamine. I love the IRC. I love sharing its mission.

By the time I got off the phone, my wife said I was acting so goofy I might as well take the rest of the day off. When I walked outside the sky was bluer, the neighbor’s dog was friendlier, and the birds, I’m sure, were singing in counterpoint. It was a weird feeling, really, and it left me scratching my head.

But now I’m beginning to understand it. New scientific studies show that we’re actually hardwired to feel good – and live longer – by helping others.

Dr. Stephen Post, a professor of bioethics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine, says, “The remarkably good news is that, over the past ten years, we have about five hundred serious scientific studies that demonstrate the power of [generosity] to enhance health.”

You’ve always known that giving is its own reward. Now science has discovered a slew of side benefits as well.

Here are just a few key findings:

  • Those who start giving in high school usually experience better physical and mental health over the next 50 years.
  • Giving reduces mortality later in life too. People who volunteer for two or more organizations have a 44% lower likelihood of dying – and that’s after sifting out other significant factors like age, gender, marital status, frequency of exercise, smoking habits, etc.
  • Giving generates a sense of inner freedom, serenity and peace that affects the quality of life.
  • Giving reduces adolescent depression and suicide risk.
  • Giving helps us forgive ourselves, promoting a sense of well-being and greater self-esteem.
  • Giving reduces negative emotions, like spite, rage and envy, that contribute to stress-induced psychological and physical ailments.
  • And Columbia University psychologist Eva Midlarksy has found that through giving we gain a greater sense of meaning in our lives, cope better with our own stress by shifting our focus to others, feel more socially connected, enjoy a greater sense of competence and effectiveness, and are more likely to live an active lifestyle.

Not bad. And there are many ways to give. Money, of course, is how most organizations get things done. But there are effective ways to donate your time, as well:


Volunteer. According to Doug Oman of the University of California at Berkeley, “Volunteering is associated with substantial reductions in mortality.”


Create a network of giving. Find others who are isolated or ignored and invite them to join you. Studies show that both of you are likely to benefit.


Become a Mentor. Nothing is more beneficial to the young than connecting with a caring adult who inspires them.


Pass the Torch. As an older adult, you have accumulated a lifetime of wisdom and experience. Recognize your own value – and share it with others


Biologist David Sloan Wilson says, “We have said since millennia – in fact, this has been a fundamental tenet of religion – that if you do good things, it will reflect back to you, not immediately, not every time, but in general. This is a deeply entrenched notion.”

And now science is confirming it.


Giving is a simple act. Yet studies show that generous behavior may do more to protect and extend your health than vitamin supplements, green tea, fish oil or an aspirin a day.


Each of us is flawed in a hundred ways. But giving redeems us. It ennobles us. It helps us create a better version of ourselves.


In his book “Why Good Things Happen to Good People” Dr. Post writes, “You wish to be happy? Loved? Safe? Secure? You want to turn to others in tough times and count on them? You want the warmth of true connection? You’d like to walk into the world each day knowing that this is a place of benevolence and hope? Then I have one answer: give. Give daily, in small ways, and you will be happier. Give and you will be healthier. Give, and you will even live longer.”


Carpe Diem,



P.S. If you’d like to learn more about the amazing work of the International Rescue Committee – or join me as a monthly donor – feel free to click here.




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Is It Time To Take An Honest Look At What’s Going On In Your Life?

Have you noticed that time has a way of passing quickly by us?  We live our lives day in and day out, going about our daily routines without much thought being given to the fact that the clock keeps ticking away.

 Oh, we do give some thought to areas of our lives that we’d like to change or improve upon, but somehow, we just don’t seem to get around to taking the necessary action to actually make some positive changes.  Even though deep inside, we know that by making certain changes, we could be so much happier…there’s always “tomorrow”. 

Here are five crucial questions that you need to be asking yourself:

  1. Do you absolutely love what you do for a living?
  2. Are you in excellent shape both inside and out?
  3. Do you have as much money as you need and want?
  4. Are your relationships with friends and family meaningful and rewarding?
  5. Are you living each day as the person you’d always hoped you’d become?

If any or all of your answers were on the negative or even neutral side, you have the power within you to make those changes necessary to ensure a happier tomorrow for yourself and those around you!


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The Power To Change Is Within YOU!

Have you ever struggled with personal change? Have you started to improve your ways only to find yourself falling back to your negative behavior? 

Do you have a goal that you would love to achieve, but are afraid to go for it, afraid to take the risk and do what it takes to succeed? 

If either of these situations describes your life, you owe it to yourself to learn about The Motivated Mind.

Our latest resource is a complete, step-by-step guide to creating rapid and lasting change in every area of your life. You can’t simply think your way to change; you must take very specific steps in a very specific order. And The Motivated Mind provides you with both of these necessities.

– Dispel the single greatest myth about motivation that will change the way you look at personal and professional change forever. Just reading it will give you a sense of control and confidence you never before had. Chapter 1. – There are only four things you must do to change your behavior in minutes and have it last a lifetime. Not only will you learn what they are but also exactly how to use them with your own personal goals and dreams. Chapter 5.

– Would you like to feel more confident? You’ll unlock undeniable proof that you can, in fact, get what you want no matter how big or small your goals may be. Chapter 6.

– The right attitude is the difference between happiness and failure. But it’s not a positive attitude that you want!  Which is the right choice? Chapter 8.

– You know you have to make a change but you can’t seem to get moving – no longer a problem. Learn the three groups of myths that keep people from moving forward and never again let them hold you back. Chapters 12-14.

Controlling motivation is what stands between you and the things you want. Finally there is a guide that can show you exactly how to get and stay motivated to change anything in your life and achieve all of your goals and ambitions.

If you want to change anything about your life or get motivated to overcome your fears and strive for your dreams, The Motivated Mind will show you the way to success. Now is your chance to stop wishing for a better life and instead make it a reality. 


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“Money Can’t Buy Happiness”…Say What?

We’ve all heard that expression.  It seems that it usually is coming from someone who is well off, but for a multitude of reasons just hasn’t found what he/she defines as “happiness”.

It is true that you can search high and low in the local Wal-Mart Store and you probably won’t find the Happiness Department.  If Wal-Mart doesn’t have it, maybe you can’t buy “happiness”.

OOPS, wait a minute…while cruising up and down the aisles looking for the Happiness Department you noticed a lot of other Departments that had a lot of really appealing stuff…stuff that you would be “happy” to own.  If only your budget would allow you to buy!

The hard fact is that the rising cost of living these days far exceeds the rise in most of our income levels.  The bottom line is of course that many people must sacrifice some of those nice extras in order to barely make ends meet.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the where-with-all to just go ahead and buy those neat things that are constantly tempting us and not worry about the rent that is due, or putting enough groceries on the table?

Okay, is there a reasonable solution here?  Millions upon millions of people are taking advantage of the Internet to not only put some extra money in their pockets, but in some cases  earn huge amounts of money as well!

If the idea of earning some much needed extra money on the Internet appeals to you, great!  You must, however, proceed with great caution in your search for the right “opportunity” for you.

There are probably more clever and devious promoters of bogus income opportunities on the Internet than there are who promote legitimate businesses that will actually make money for you.

We have been “had” by many so-called real-deal scams in the past.  With very appealing advertising and promises that “you can’t lose”, or “you’ll make a fortune” the scam artists  are experts at grabbing your money off the table and leaving you wondering how you could have possibly fallen for the baloney in the first place.

You can relax and be assured that there are very legitimate opportunities out there that will work for you.  You can save time, money and lots of frustration by knowing where to look.

We take great pride in promoting  products and services of the very highest quality.  Only products that we actually own and, or use will be presented here for your consideration.

Are you ready to explore some proven income-producing options?  Would you like to expand some revenue producing projects that you already own?


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The Power Of Your Smile

The Power Of Your Smile – Use It! 

It was the day before the opening of the Rifle Deer Season in Northern Wisconsin…the time of year that men (and women) dream of bagging that trophy buck with one magnificent shot and having a lifetime of bragging rights as a result!


Part of this annual tradition involves gathering at various hunting cabins (or camps) in groups that can get quite large, and are always, always hungry…of course this means that the “camp” has to be stocked with lots of groceries to suit everyone’s tastes.


Poor timing on my part brought me to the local super market on this particular day.  The place was wall-to-wall with shoppers doing some early Thanksgiving shopping, regular Friday shoppers, and what seemed like hundreds of deer hunters preparing to stock their hunting camps with groceries for the coming week.


In just a few minutes of observation, it was apparent to me that no one was smiling…very few people were even speaking to each other.  Misery seemed to be the prevalent emotion in this place.  Yikes, could fights start breaking out?  Not good.


After negotiating the produce department I made a conscious decision to smile at, and greet every person I encountered for the duration of my little shopping trip. To my amazement, the vast majority of people not only returned my smile and greeting, but it seemed to me that many became more relaxed and less uptight!  I also got some “who’s the idiot” type looks.  Oh well, what the heck, this experience brought smiles to a few faces and certainly made me feel good!

 The next time you encounter someone who seems to be having a bad day, try the smile and simple greeting approach. You should be pleased with the result, and you will discover the power of your smile! 

Till next time.

All the best,



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